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SAP Controlling (CO)

SAP Courses

In today’s competitive market, individuals who possess essential business and technological skill enjoy a significant advantage over their peers. This is particularly true if your expertise includes SAP software. The SAP Certification program provides that competitive edge. When you are sap certified, you join a distinguished community of experts recognized globally. Today more than 14,000 consultants and users worldwide are part of this exclusive community.

SAP CO Module and your Career

The demand for acquiring skilled professionals in various functions is driving companies across the world to optimize their finance process first. Most successful organizations use SAP ERP software to achieve this. Consequentially, they look out for Authorized SAP Certified CO Consultants. SAP CO module equips you with knowledge on how to effectively automate the managment accounting processes. In addition, the certification goes hand-in-hand with an exponential career growth.

  • Within an Organization As an SAP Certified Consultant a leading company could absorb you. Based on your experience and your functional expertise, you would start as a consultant or gain lateral entry as a Project Manager. The exposure you get will be the much-needed catalyst for your compensation package to climb more than a few notches.
  • As an Independent Consultant As an SAP functional consultant you can work independently and your earning potential becomes that much higher. You would be the one person that companies across the globe turn to for all their SAP related needs.
  • As an SAP Trainer Employees of most SAP customers require extensive training and who better to provide that than you – an SAP Certified Consultant. With your SAP Certification and a few years of experience, you also have the option of becoming an SAP Trainer.
Course Overview
SAP & ERP Introduction
  • SAP Navigation
  • Management empowered by mySAP ERP
  • Management empowered by mySAP ERP Financials
Cost Center Accounting / Profit Center Accounting
  • Organizational units
  • Master data cost elements, cost centers, activity types and statistical key figures
  • Cross-mater data functions
  • Recording primary postings
  • Account assignment help
  • Adjustment postings
  • Direct activity allocation
  • Accrual calculation
  • Periodic reposting
  • Distribution
  • Assessment
  • Reconciliation ledger
  • Introduction to planning in Management Accounting
  • Planning methods in cost center planning
  • Integrated plan allocation cycle
  • Profit center master data
  • Profit center assignment
Overhead Cost Orders
  • Real and statistical orders
  • Master data maintenance
  • Status management for overhead cost orders
  • Transaction-based posting within and outside Management Accounting
  • Commitments management
  • Overhead rates on overhead cost orders
  • Billing for overhead cost orders
  • Budgeting and availability control
Material Cost Estimate Without Quantity Structure
  • Material master– fields relevant to costing
  • Single-step unit costing
  • Multiple-step unit costing
  • Base object costing and simulation costing
Material Cost Estimate With Quantity Structure
  • Costing variant
  • Cost component split
  • Overhead costing sheet
  • BOM
  • Task list
  • BOM and task list determination
  • Price update
  • Create costing run
  • Analyses and error handling
Refined Costing Functions
  • Transfer control
  • Additive costs
Cost Object Accounting: Make-to-Stock Production with Periodic Controlling
  • Product cost collector
  • Decoupling scenarios
  • Preliminary costing on cost object
  • Simultaneous costing on cost object
  • Period-end closing for periodic Controlling
Cost Object Controlling: Make-to-Stock Production with Order Controlling
  • Cost objects with order view
  • Preliminary costing of cost objects
  • Simultaneous costing
  • Period-end closing with order Controlling
Cost Object Controlling: Sales-Order-Related Production
  • Sales order as cost object
  • Preliminary costing of sales order
  • Simultaneous costing of sales order
  • Delivery and billing documents
  • Period-end closed with product cost by sales order
Profitability Analysis
  • Cost objects with order view
  • Preliminary costing of cost objects
  • Simultaneous costing
  • Period-end closing with order Controlling
Cost Object Controlling: Make-to-Stock Production with Order Controlling
  • Structures of Profitability Analysis
  • Characteristics and value fields
  • Transaction data tables
  • Characteristic derivation
  • Valuation
  • Transfer billing data
  • Assessment of cost center costs
  • Billing for orders
Other Benefits
  • Interview Guidance
  • Support for future projects
  • Real time scenarios
  • Mock interview questions
  • Hands on real time scenarios
  • Placement assistance